Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fall Color Forecast Bright Modern Chic

Pantone Fall 2010 Color Forcast

I'm excited about this year's color forecast for Fall. Usually when I think of Fall or Autumn colors, drab, muted shades of brown, grey and mauve come to mind. This season, the Gatekeepers of color are not shying away from bright, bold colors for Autumn that seem to drag summer with them.

Why should you care about color? - Being aware of what colors will be on the rack this season enables you to look through your wardrobe and see what pieces you can update quickly with a a bracelet, a scarf and new shoes. Most consumers are still dodgy about the economy and aren't willing to spring for a whole new wardrobe. By picking out key pieces in your existing line up, you can mix and match some basics with fantastic new jewelry and accessories in this season's colors.

One color I am particularly excited about is Woodbine, an earthy, dusty, olive green. Pow! It's subtle but can lend a splash of color with orange, mauve, blue. Here, play with it in the Color Scheme Designer.

One new piece that I think will be a sure-hit for Fall is this Verde Multistrand necklace . Stunning sterling silver accents and pendant with green, olive green, and aventurine hues. How would YOU wear this piece? For me, it's not exactly in my color scheme as a light blonde. I can see this piece look fabulous on Mediterranean skin, Asian skin, Latina skin and African and Indian.


  1. I like the mention of people cutting back since the economy has been discouraging.It is so true and I'm glad that some bloggers out on the web understand that! Wonderful blog!

  2. Thank you so much, it's true that we have to be more aware of our finances, but we don't have to sacrifice fashion and beauty!


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