Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sex and the City Movie 2 Pink Carpet Soiree

Sex and the City Movie 2 Pink Carpet Soiree

Creatrix Designs will be featured at this upcoming event to celebrate the coming of the Sex and the City Movie 2.

I'm very excited about the items I will be displaying at this event.
I'll post pictures of my SATC themed work after the event. 

I didn't start watching SATC until well after it was over, which is typical of me  I'm always on the cutting edge of yesterday when it comes to television. I guess I like for everyone else to vet the shows for me first.

I'd watch reruns at night and came to really like the show. Being a single woman (still) the characters spoke to me. There was a little bit of me in each of them. Sometimes, I'd wonder which character I really am. I think I'm an amalgam of Miranda and Samantha. Odd, but true. I'm brainy and all business sometimes, but then... you know.

Well, before I over-share... what about you? Who do you relate to? And, what styles do you associate with each woman?


  1. CONGRATS and good luck to you!

  2. I am echoing Annabelle...


    Charlotte was my fave. But I have grown to hate the preppy look she had. I loved how Carrie pushed fashion limits and often dressed like a prostitute with four hundred dollar shoes. Samantha was a bit much for me. And I thought her clothes were almost a mirror image of Blanche outfits from the Golden GIrls. Miranda was the worst. Miranda was my least favorite, but I loved her baby and I adored Steve. Where is he in real life and is he available. When I meet Miranda's in real life I avoid them and their man-ish wardrobe like the plague. But I will say that I was so pleased about the "He's just not that into you" episode. And was stunned with pleasure when it became inspiration for a popular dating book.

  3. Eli is Megan S., btw...

  4. OMG! The Blanche/Samantha connection... they are almost the same woman. I remember aching for Miranda when she got braces... how painful an episode was that?

    I've identified a lot with Miranda in my Corporate-short-hair phase. But I identify with Samantha in that she hides behind a facade, but is really just afraid to let people get close to her and really know her, she just plays it off and keeps pushing. That's a lot like me.


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